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New Treatments Coming Soon!

As you may have noticed there has been a few changes in the last year. First of all the business name changed and then the website domain was changed. I didn't just get bored - there was a good reason for this!

As I am working along, I am adding more qualifications to my belt in order to try and be as inclusive as possible. The name no longer reflected the direction that the business is heading and so it was altered to encompass a larger variety of treatments.

On Thursday, I attended a Pregnancy Massage training day which was so interesting and a good opportunity to swap notes with fellow therapists too. Pregnancy massage can bring many benefits to an expectant mum and really help them to relax and prepare for birth. Lots of postural changes and an increase in weight can increase blood pressure and swelling particularly in the ankles. It can also restrict breathing, cause nausea and varicose veins. A change in hormones can also play havoc with emotions as well as increasing stress and tension. Like with all treatments there are contra - indications which prevent a treatment being carried out so it is essential that these are explored through use of a consultation and checked out where necessary.

I have a few ladies lined up to help me with my case studies so all being well this treatment will be on the list very soon.

The next offering is Holistic Facials. This will be available as a stand alone treatment but I will also be creating a few massage and facial packages. I thought this would be a really nice combination and the ultimate treat after eradicating tension in the body. I am currently looking into a number of skincare companies but I'm very keen on one in particular that makes its products in England, is certified organic, cruelty free and suitable for vegans. More on that very soon!

Updates will be posted as I continue to progress. Look forward to seeing you all soon :)

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