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Covid- 19 Update - Lockdown 2.0

As of Thursday 5th November 2020 Level 4 + Sports Massage Therapists were given the go ahead to continue providing essential treatments with PPE during this second lockdown period. This is a huge step forward for the industry and means a reclassification for sports massage therapists in England.

There will be some changes to how I am running things for the moment, My working hours will be limited - to a couple of days a week. I am restricting appointments for the time being to those who have sustained an injury/ condition that prevents them from carrying out day to day activities or have pain management issues. All consultations will need to be completed and emailed back or done over the phone prior to any scheduled appointment. Lastly all clients will need to provide full contact details for track and trace purposes.

All being well, appointments will be back to normal from 2nd December 2020 but in the mean time please get in touch if you require further information or need to book an appointment.

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